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MVMNT charges hourly for services. 

Why MVMNT charges hourly : inclusivity, fairness, consistency, clarity, and a strong respect for your (and our) time. 

What this means for the client:

Inclusion - everyone pays the same for their stylist's time.  Hair isn't gendered, neither is our time and skill. 

No double booking - the time you book is YOUR time! 

Any "add ons" are product only charges, which will be itemized in salon scale and can be provided upon request. 

Salon Scale - color and product used only for you, to the gram. Your formulas and treatments are logged at every session, so there is never any guessing to recreate a look or a starting point to make adjustments. 

This also means no "$30 for an additional bowl" of color, it's charged for exactly what is mixed for you. 

Consultation is a very important part of hourly pricing. We do our best to pre consult with you before your appointment (through our session request form) time to ensure we are quoting the appropriate amount of time, so that you know how long you will need to be at the salon, and approximately the cost ahead of time. 

We then recap at your appointment and make sure we are on the same page to move forward with your session. 

With that being said, sometimes unexpected things happen and if it looks like your session will take longer than planned, your stylist will let you know so that you can move forward accordingly. 

*important to know* This is a big reason we ask for a color history! Not to shame you! It's so that we can take the best care of your hair, and respect your time and budget from the start. 


The         you need to know for your session.


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